profielfoto petra

My name is Petra, I was born in 1970 and I live together with Carlos and our Chihuaha-dogs Tommy & Tessa in the province of Antwerp.

After working years in administration jobs, a burn-out put my life ‘on-hold’, but after some time I got new insights about what it was that I really wanted to do in my life and job, what my real passion is.

I wanted to do something to help and support people!

That’s why I signed up for a Life Coaching course and thus it became very clear, in which direction I wanted to go.

To coach people, by discovering themselves and bring positive change in their life!

By always seeing the positive in every person, to offer a listening ear without judging, motivating and supporting them and so achieve a satisfactory result together!

It makes me so enthusiastic and happy!  Are we going to take this challenge together??

“Problems are only there to awaken our talents, to give us a chance”
 – Angelika Hoefler –

Quantum Success Law Of Attraction Coach